How to Create Internet Network Marketing Leads for Free

Each internet network marketer could benefit from more leads. No matter how many you’re generating at the moment, 100 or 200…more is better. The only problem is that they can drain you dry of every penny before your make a dime. But if 500 isn’t enough to pay for advertising every month, it’s best to try free ways in

The reason why I am writing this post for you is because of that. For many years, I worked in the internet network marketing industry. I was able to generate a lot of free leads.

What a great way to make money! This is awesome.

Here are some amazing methods of generating leads for free to help you grow your online network marketing enterprise. It is important to remember that any marketing strategy will only work if you use it regularly.

1. Get a Twitter. Spending 20 minutes per day in home business forums and networking marketing groups generates anywhere from 15-20 leads. As soon as I discover leaders who frequently post, I do a search on Twitter for their name and immediately follow them along with the 5 first pages of people that they are following. For trust building, I respond personally in all Direct Messages. Next I que up 10-15 messages a week of only valuable content. Just that!! ….Piece Of Cake!

2. Linkedin, a Freakin Golden Mine! I’ve only recently started to use it. I’m serious! The average salary on the site is over 106k dollars a year. And there are real people advertising on their personal profiles that they seek entrepreneurial opportunities. As I only have a limited amount of space, it’s hard to tell you exactly how I turn these people into leads. However, as long you are adding value and solving their problems in life, you’ll be asked, “What is your online business?”

3. A lot of people hate shooting video because it is too time consuming. Now, with so many “make money schemes” around you can make yourself stand out by being honest and in front of the camera. It’s easy for me to choose a book to review, or an internet-related product to evaluate. Next, I make quick videos to address the most popular questions that people may have. In most cases, I can get through them all in under an hour. In the videos I invite them to view my website, and then display my URL so they are able to easily click.