Diet “Dunkin Donuts: Can Donuts Help Lose Body Weight?”

While it might seem impossible, food is not the cause of obesity. We all know that it is false to say eating sugar or fat causes you to gain weight. The Dunkin’ Donuts Diet – a book I’ve suggested – outlines the many things that I’ve said for many years. This includes the fact I’ve dropped 55 lbs without giving up my favorite food: Dunkin’ Donuts. Let me tell you my secrets in the shortest form possible. On you can learn more.

First of all, you need to know that everything in your body is composed of molecules. Molecules are formed from atoms. The only things your body will need to create fat are Hydrogen. Carbon. Oxygen. And a good reason for making fat. As Hydrocarbons they are found in virtually any diet. When you consume food, your body digests the nutrients and utilizes them as it sees fit. For example, an fit person will consume a whole box of doughnuts with a specific outcome. An unfit individual may consume the same quantity and experience weight gain. You’ve probably seen this before. Why do these things happen?

Stress, in reality the sole cause for obesity. For people who are fat because they consume too much fat, think about butter, steaks, and ice cream that is laced full of fat. Your belief is that eating these products will make you fat. However, this fat was created by cows on grasses and water. The biggest mammal species on Earth are no exception. Even though some gorillas consume meat, their diet is primarily vegetarian. And gorillas have a very powerful and large body. What we eat is not the only thing that affects our weight.

How your body uses and stores food depends on what you think of your body. The chances are that no food will make you thin if, however, you view your own body as being fat and/or see the food as something to be afraid of. How does this work? Cortisol — a stress-related hormone — is the chemical your body uses to turn undigested food and store it as fat. When your body is stressed out, it slows down or stops digestion. Cortisol and other chemicals are produced to get rid of the undigested material and make it available for use later.

Fat is also produced for other reasons. Stress can be a danger, so the fat you produce will protect you. You’ll look larger and less attractive. Also, the fat protects from impacts and helps you to resist falls. Stress occurs naturally when there is a threat to your body – whether that is in your mind or not. The production of fat can solve several threats at the same time, as well as deal with undigested foods that are in your system.

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